Plenary lecturers

F. Graner (Institute Curie, Paris, France) “Foams as model systems: of complex fluids, of grain growth, of biological tissues”
A. Lips (Unilever Discover, UK) “Successes and future challenges for foam science”
O. Velev (North Carolina State University, USA) “Foam Superstabilization and Functionalization by Particles with Engineered Structure and Properties”

Invited lecturers

I. Cantat (Univ. Rennes, France) “Migration of a bubble towards higher surface tension under the effect of thermocapillary stresses”
A. Colin (Univ. Bordeaux, France) “Flow of concentrated Emulsions”
M. Dennin (UC Irvine, USA) “Bubble Rafts: flowing and breaking foam in two dimensions”
B. Dollet (Univ. Rennes, France) “Dynamics of bubble and films: Role of interfacial rheology”
M. Edirisinghe (UCL, UK) “Bubbling, Foaming and Capsule Preparation”
T. Horozov (Univ. Hull, UK) “Solid Particles in Thin Liquid Films”
S. Hutzler (Trinity Coll., Dublin, Ireland) “Foam mechanics”
R. v. Klitzing (TU-Berlin, Germany) “Control of foam film and wetting film stability by addition of (poly)electrolytes: electrostatics vs. ionspecifity”
R. Krastev (Univ. Tuebingen, Germany) “Gas Permeability of Single Foam Films”
M. T. Kreutzer (TU Delft, The Netherlands) “Partial Wetting in Microchannel Flows”
S. Neethling (Imperial Coll., UK) “Modelling foam stability: From structural simulations to continuum models”
O. Pitois (Univ. Paris-Est, France) “Liquid foams as soft particulate filters”
L. K. Shrestha (NIMS, Japan) “Highly Stable Nonaqueous Foams in Glycerol-based Nonionic Surfactant/Oil Systems”
S. Stoyanov (Unilever, The Netherlands) “Foam Stabilisation Using Shape-Anisotropic Materials”

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